Starting a photography business can be overwhelming - I know this first hand! I’ve had triumphs, I’ve had failures, I’ve faced challenges every step of the way, still do - and continue to learn and grow as a photographer & businesswoman as a result of these.

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1:1 Mentoring

I’ve learned a thing or two about shooting weddings & portraits, and how to run a sustainable & profitable business.

... And i want to share that knowledge with you!

My mentoring is not a “get rich quick” scheme, nor will I be dictating or controlling your way of doing things. Instead, I’ll be there to assist and guide, sharing my knowledge and experiences over a range of topics that I’ve learned in my 10 years in business. I’m not here to make your decisions for you on how you operate in your own business. I may however, save you time, effort & money with sharing some of my knowledge of mistakes or challenges that I’ve personally faced that may assist you in your journey!

Whether you’re looking to learn something new, or someone to bounce ideas off

I’m here to help.

I’m here to help save you time, effort & money.

The Details

By this, I’ve made mistakes. In fact I’ve made many… and still do! It’s from these that I’ve learned, grown and developed not only as a photographer but as a businesswoman. If you and/or your business need a little guidance, possibly even a little nudge as you find yourself at a crossroads in direction, or even just want to chat through ways to better optimise your service, workflow or marketing, I can help.

I can’t promise to make you a billionaire. Nor can I promise to fix all your problems. My mentoring sessions are tailored specific to you and your individual requirements, for where you’re based in your experience and business right now. I’m here to help, support and elevate you - but I can’t make your decisions for you. Your business and the decisions you make as a photographer and business owner for how to best service your clients and make an income are ultimately all your decision. 

I can be an open book, easily contactable, answer your questions with honesty and listen to your concerns. I have a Diploma in Photoimaging that I obtained in 2011 at CATC, but have learned substantially more from my triumphs and failures from being out on my own, running my own business over the past 10 years. I am incredibly passionate about photography and really encapsulating the true emotion in the moments that I witness. This is also my business, my full time job, my source of income and what ensures my bills are paid on time - passion will get you into the industry, but being headstrong & business smart will keep you there, and ensure that your business is sustainable, profitable and these in toe, will see your business become successful.

  • Directing clients (posing) and prompts for candid-style images
  • Workflow and Administration
  • Setting up a CRM (Dubsado)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • SEO Basics
  • Pricing & Packages

I recommend keeping one topic per mentor session, so we can really dive in and discuss in detail. I will ensure that your questions are answered and not brushed over. My mentoring sessions are an open discussion, meaning I’m not going to talk your ear off the whole time and you listen in silence, that’s not what I’m about, and guarantee you’ll not retain most of what’s discussed were this to be the case.

I want you to be involved and ask questions. I’ll ask questions of you too! It’s very likely that I’ll learn something from you too!

Topics can include:

Want to know more? Have something specific you want to know? A topic not addressed above?

Fun Fact!

I was that anxious about shooting my first wedding that I actually took my best friend along with me for moral support!

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I couldn't recommend a mentoring session with Lucy more! She's super open and transparent, insightful, and willing to spill the beans and share how she creates her magic. 
Thanks, Lucy for all the amazing insight provided regarding camera gear, social media, admin and more! Whether you're a pro or just getting started - this is definitely for you!

- Dave Shaw, Storytellers Wedding Co.

I had the pleasure of tagging along to numerous weddings with Lucy, learning and experience what it's like to photograph people most cherished moments. Lucy broadened my horizon's and opened up a whole new perspective on the way I approached photography, she shared a few tips and tricks along the way as well as ensuring the clients wedding day ran to schedule, I was so impressed with Lucy's attention to detail as well as quality of work, that my wife and I thought it would be only fitting that she photographed our own special day.

- Tom Darling Photography

I was struggling with turning my hobby of photography into a business. Through Lucy’s words of wisdom I was able to navigate the transition and see real growth. Not only is Lucy incredibly approachable, easy to talk to and happy to answer any questions I have, her drive and passion for the industry is inspiring.

- Kyle Barney Photography

We discussed in-depth workflow, editing, posing and many other topics. A lot of which just reconfirmed many of the business practices I already had in place, but that confidence that discussing these things with other successful people within the industry brings is priceless. It's the knowledge that your business is headed in the right direction and eliminates the second-guessing on many things. Lucy's openness in sharing her knowledge on all things photography & business is amazing. I'd highly suggest mentoring to anyone whether they're fresh to the industry or well-established like myself. You can always expand your understanding and learn more about all aspects of your chosen profession. Never become complacent, surround yourself with people like Lucy and watch your business flourish.

- Bryce Noone Photography