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Starting a photography business can be overwhelming - I know this first hand! Terms like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) was foreign, and there’s so many options! I’ve trialled many programs, services & tools out there and landed upon what works best for me and my business. 

Below are my favourite resources, programs & services that I currently use within my business, and have my full support of their value! These are game changers to me, and make my life easier on a daily basis, as well as help me to give my clients a faster, more professional and better experience too!

A range of programs, tools & services that I personally use within my business, to make it              and my life




Dubsado is the CRM that I use. I’d used another provider for years before hand but it just didn’t have the functionality that I needed for it to best serve my business. Then, I found Dubsado! A photographer from Canada was raving about Dubsado in a Facebook group that I was also in, and when I clicked onto the website to read about the functions that Dubsado offers, I switched over instantly - that was over 4 years ago! I use Dubsado for everything from client management, invoicing, scheduling, questionnaires, contracts, forms, workflow, emails - it really is the epicentre of my business and without it I’d truly be lost!

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Imagen is a phenomenally powerful AI editing software that I've implemented into a workflow for over a year now. Time is something that photographer's are always wanting more of, and Imagen gives you that back!

Imagen learns your edit from your initial upload of edited catalogues to create your "Profile", and then the more that you use your Profile to edit, the more it learns your tweaks and fine tunes, saving you more and more time with each new gallery, producing consistent edited galleries that are linear with your style - saving you so much time and effort!

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Pic-time is how I deliver my client galleries, but also how I sell prints & products. Like with Dubsado,. I’d used another provider for years before hand, actually I’ve used a few. Gone are the days of USB’s and worrying about file sizing & storage space - online delivery is instant, more cost effective in the long run and another backup option for both you as the photographer, and your client! Having an online gallery that offers unlimited storage options, you will never have an issue of deleted files or lost USB’s from clients. Their gallery and images are always at the touch of a button! Having the automated sales tools within Pic-time too has also generated a passive income, being linked to my preferred printers, both in self-fulfill and automated options (I personally use both). More recently, they now offer an inbuilt slideshow creator too!

They offer a 30 day free trial to get you started (no credit card required) and you can receive 1 bonus month free when you upgrade to any paid plan using my code: TRANSLUCENT

Adobe Suite

A no brainer - I process/edit/create all my images using the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, particularly Adobe Lightroom & less often Adobe Photoshop. Utilising Lightroom allows me to create my own presets, and process my images in a streamlined and cohesive way, distinctive of my own style.

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Narrative Select

I use Narrative Select to cull my galleries. If you want to save a tonne of time with culling to do literally anything else, then you’ll want to check out Select!
I was using another program for years, and it’s made culling the most hated part of my workflow. It’s so simple, but time consuming and being so mundane I find it so easily get distracted and put off for as long as possible - making something that should take me only a few hours, an entire day. I then switched to Narrative Select, and holy moly - wished I switched sooner! Group photos are flown through with AI face recognition, instantly being able to cull out the blinked eyes and turned heads as well as the missed focus - getting your galleries ready to edit, quicker! 

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Narrative Publish

My first product with Narrative, was with Narrative Publish - which is a blogging program. I started using Publish back when it was in it’s beta stages, years ago and have stuck with Narrative Publish ever since. Narrative Publish is a software (currently only for Mac, but I do here a PC version is in the works!), which allows you to create beautiful blogs that are optimised for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation - aka, Google love!). Every single blog on my website is created using Narrative Publish - I simply create my blogs, use the inbuilt traffic light system (all green lights mean that my blog includes all the requirements for better SEO) and then embed the blog’s generated code into my website. I save SO much time with my blogs, and love how they look!

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A big issue for photographers, is storage space. Raw files are huge, and eat up space on your hard drives or take forever to upload to cloud backup. Well, entering in the blue corner is Rawsie! Rawsie reduces the file size of Raw files, without compromising the quality or integrity of the file. On average, my wedding galleries pre-cull are being reduced by up to 60gb with Rawsie! It’s an integral part of my workflow, saving me money on data storage - it’s a must for photographers!

*Currently only for Mac. To express your interest for the Windows/PC rollout (coming soon) click here:

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So the biggest thing photographer’s need is time. Time to edit, reply to emails, website updates, prepare for weddings, meetings - the list goes on. Being present on social media is a big game changer for marketing your business, and it’s free to use. I use Planoly to schedule my posts for Instagram. I can guarantee that I’m not always up at the 7am-ish time that my account is posting my latest content! Planoly helps me to keep my profile consistent, save my hashtags and schedule my posts to withdraw myself from screen time! Spending 20 minutes a week, I manage to schedule my posts for the entire week, often throwing in a few extras here and there, keeping my account active and present in my follower’s feeds.

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Smart Albums

Want to know a fast easy way to design beautiful albums for your clients? Smart Albums by Pixellu is the answer!
My favourite feature of Smart Albums is that when you start a project, you select your printer from a drop down list of hundreds of album printers from across the globe, and your album template will be created in the correct format for your printer! A plethora of templates, as well as Cloud Proofing - making feedback from your clients a breeze. Clients are able to make their comments on each spread and this appears directly in their project on Smart Albums, making those amendments quick and easy. I’ve been using Smart Albums now for a few years, and won’t design my albums without them! Smart Alums saves me so much time!

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As mentioned above, a big issue for photographers, is storage space. Hard drives are expensive, and are limited on their capacity, write speeds and can corrupt. I use hard drives as part of my workflow and as an additional backup, but I also use 2 x cloud backups of my entire galleries (Raw files included!) as well - one of which is with Backblaze. Similarly to Mac’s “Time Machine” feature, Backblaze is a background operating application that creates a direct copy of your native system (aka, computer) and any drives that you grant access to - so an additional backup of your hard drive, should you wish. Backblaze has had my back on a few occasions of an accidental deletion, and just by rewinding to a particular date where that file was backed up, within moments I am able to re-download that file and avoid that stress of having potentially lost something, which for most photographers - is their biggest fear!
*Available on both Mac & PC

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A virtual presence is essential for businesses, and this generally starts with a website. My website is hosted by Showit, and I moved my site over from Squarespace. Both platforms are super user friendly for websites, but for me, I found that Showit was more flexible in terms of layout and design. The mobile builder & optimisation that Showit offers also is massive, as most of the viewers of my website (and perhaps you too!) are viewing this on a mobile device. Knowing that my website looks great across the board (mobile/tablet & desktop views) all in the one editor is a massive game changer. Showit also uses Wordpress for blogging, which, with plugins (direct Narrative Publish plugin which makes my blogs even easier than they already were!) plus also Yoast to really cross check all the SEO advice too. Showit really is a fantastic website platform!

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tonic site Shop

It's much easier to build out a website and customise a website from a template! Especially when the template doesn't look like a template at all, instead looks like a stunning custom-built website from a designer! My website is built using a Tonic template, and honestly, purchasing my Tonic template had a big part in my shift over to Showit! I love the design, the ease of use and how everything maps really well throughout my site. Everything just flows, is entirely customisable to fit-out with my own branding/copy and I'm obsessed with how my website looks (and I don't think I've ever said that before about my previous designs!) They have a range of gorgeous website templates to choose from to start building out your dream website, as well as a plethora of Canvas templates for all your digital marketing needs.

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How I Shot This

Now I have, and will always claim not to know everything when it comes to photography. I love that there’s always a new technique, method, equipment, prompt - always a new way of doing something and experimenting to create unique images. How I Shot This is an educational platform by wedding photographers, for wedding photographers - where photographers, such as myself, discuss in extraordinary detail everything we did in order to capture our images. These details include: lighting, composition, prompts, equipment, triumphs, challenges and so much more. I’m an official educator on How I Shot This, and I love this platform so much as I’m learning so much myself from other photographers on there, some whom I’ve been inspired by and admired for years!

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